Islamic Jihad Leaders in Gaza Killed by Female Pilots

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 Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza eliminated by female pilots< /p>

The press service of the IDF Air Force spread a message that the top of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza was destroyed during the strikes of Sufa F-16 aircraft, at the controls of which were pilots – women.

Islamic Jihad Northern Brigade commander Taysir Jabari was killed during the first strike on Gaza on 5 August. The strike was carried out by an F-16 piloted by Captain Sh.

Two days later, Shalid Mansour, commander of the Islamic Jihad's southern brigade, was killed. The strike was carried out by an F-16 with Captain N at the controls.

On Friday, August 5, Captain Sh was completing a routine patrol flight when she suddenly received an order to immediately turn around and head south. Captain Sh had previously taken part in the planning of such missions – but had never performed anything of the sort. The task was completed successfully, and Taysir Jabari, who had escaped elimination twice, was killed.

Captain N. had just finished dinner after returning home from base. how she was suddenly, out of alarm, again sent into flight. She was involved in the planning of Captain Sh's mission. Now she has been given the important task of eliminating Khalid Mansour, commander of the Islamic Jihad's southern brigade and head of the terrorist missile wing. N says: “After landing, the ground crews congratulated us – they had already seen the message about the success of the operation in the news.”

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