Islamic Jihad expands red lines for Israel

 Islamic Jihad Extends Red Lines for Israel

Terrorist organization Islamic Jihad issued a statement in connection with the escalation in Gaza and the Temple Mount.

Islamic Jihad said: &ldquo ;The launch of a rocket by resistance organs from our beloved Gaza has many meanings, and the enemy must learn these meanings well. The enemy must understand that the Iron Dome is a thing of the past, and the resistance now has new precision-guided missiles at its disposal. The enemy must realize that the Sheikh Jarrah quarter, Jerusalem and all of Palestine are a red line. The enemy must realize that the finger of resistance is on the trigger and making the decision to go to war is easier than drinking a glass of water.”

Islamic Jihad has also stated that “the violation of our freedom and the freedom of the Palestinians is also taboo, and such violations will be met with heroism by the mujahideen without any prior warning, the enemy must understand – the more he attacks us, the closer is “Time of H”.

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