Islamic Jihad denies breaking ties with Hamas

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 Islamic Jihad denies severing ties with Hamas

After a three-day escalation in Gaza, in which Hamas terrorists did not participate, there were rumors of a split between the two terrorist groups – Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Representative of Islamic Jihad Daoud Shehab issued a refutation of such reports, Al-Monitor reports.

“Relations with Hamas are not severed. After the aggression, there was contact between the general secretary of the movement, Ziad al-Nahala, and the head of the Hamas political bureau. Meetings between the leaders of the two movements in Gaza and in Beirut does not stop. Channels of communication are wide open between the two movements at all levels. It is natural that the views of the two movements differ on some issues and details, but all differences are subject to constructive and focused discussion. The movements are still coordinated and cooperate,” he said.

Hamas also denied the split.

Hamas Politburo member Mahmoud al-Zahar said, “Israel failed to achieve this split. If a dispute arose between the two movements, it would be reported in the media or in official statements. By contrast, Hamas leaders attended the funerals of Islamic Jihad leaders; and made speeches emphasizing the unity of the resistance. The only difference between the two movements was the timing of the battle against Israel.

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