Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

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Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

Oh, they are little ones, they are tamarretti, between one and the other a whole sentence in Italian they will pronounce it on the day of never, however, what must I tell you, to me Matteo Fioravanti e Noemi like them.

She, oh well, is very young and free-range, let’s say, but she is incredibly beautiful, I find her really, really splendid.

I have already written it in a previous opinion but I have to reiterate it because I find it really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and every time I frame it I even understand Armando Incarnato che has forgotten the decades that separate them and has not been able to refrain from underlining their gnoccagine.

She should just de-grind herself for a moment, because otherwise the natural mother really loved her. It will also be, as I said last time, that accustomed as we are to the standardized beauties of this undergrowth of VIPs or pseudo-celebrities, it is enough to see a girl with something different from the usual (even if only the hair is not very smooth, very flat or with the waves * sleep yawn * they all have now) to be doubly impressed.

Net of age and adolescent ways, it seemed clear to me right from the start that a love at first sight was struck between the two. Obviously they are young, the enthusiasms swell and deflate very quickly, but let’s say that if still Men and women has something to do with finding a partner (and honestly I doubt it with increasing frequency), well, I think they just found themselves at first glance and those excited giggles, blushing, not being able to look into each other’s eyes without embarrassed, well, they are cute little things that make me rethink those who, after all, are the best years of life.

Bellini, bellini, bellini, I like you, I approve of you, you, Veronica, are such a dear and very nice girl but despite having arrived early you arrived already too late, sorry.

I immediately talked about Matteo e Nicole because the rest of the episode was the cosmic void:

– dude arrived for Isabella Ricci and torpedoed by her

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

Pinuccia e Alessandro waiting for the bells

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

– three quarters of an hour to talk about Biagio Di Maro. We talked about three quarters of an hour Biagio. Of Biagio. That is the mozzarellaro elevated to the central moment of the transmission.

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

to that Rosy he did 3 crap with a beard and without, and obviously SHE hitched a few dinners, some walks and some mozzarella, as well as some space in the studio center

a Sara Zilli gnaws at her ass ONLY because they have stolen the space in the studio center, and it’s not that I’m insinuating it, eh, she really said so clearly (imagine a Sara how much they care if Rosy is sincere or not, only the poo burns that in the end the brunette sat in the center and she remained perched in the second row like any other extra)

For three quarters of an hour we talked about and with Biagio, Rosy e Sara.

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

Understand that between the space dedicated to Biagiolo (Biagiolo because it has the features of the dwarf of snow-white, could very well be the human descendant of I grumble) and the one dedicated to the bells of Pinuccia e Alessandro, the external between Matteo e Noemi it felt like hearing about it Baricco after listening to the monologues of Pio and Amedeo?

Ps But who the fuck do we have to bribe to see is the heck of expulsion Joel Milan? But a little more they broadcast an episode on the calli di Tini and we have not yet seen the hatch of the kid and the panty gate? I’m BLACK. BLACK.

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/10/21

Video of the episode: Whole bet – Biagio and the great refusal – Sara: “Rosy you just wanted to interfere between me and Biagio” – Rosy under attack – Claudio introduces himself to meet Isabella – External of Matteo and Veronica – External of Matteo and Noemi – Veronica’s statements – Noemi and her thoughts – Pinuccia and Alessandro waiting for the bells


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