Isa’s opinion on the episode of 09/30/21

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Isa’s opinion on the episode of 09/30/21

Oh, but who knows why this Victory she’s single, huh, I just can’t explain it.

Our splendid quasitretatreenneLOL she has such modest claims in love that I really don’t understand why she can’t find someone who will accept her.

Let’s recap for a moment:

Diego during an outing in the center of Rome he tries to kiss her: she withdraws

Diego in the next exit he takes her to the sea but doesn’t try to kiss her again: she complains because she didn’t try

– in the studio she declares that she wants to have a coffee with Graziano Amato: she always gets pissed off with Diego because he didn’t get jealous of her 12-year-old gne gne provocation

Diego takes 150 kilometers to go to her: she says it’s not much, what a four hour drive, round trip, when you like a woman

– he goes to her, during the return trip she does not make herself heard at all because she was having an aperitif with her friends

– the next day he goes to pick her up to go out together: she claims that everything is studied and he does it on purpose to have a story to tell at the study center

No ma Victory, BUT QUIET, do you want something else? A slice of ass, as they say in Sweden?

Now, I don’t want to praise Diego because the story of Men and women teaches us that those who enjoy great popular approval often then get gassed and relieve worse than others, but leaving aside Diego, ma Victory what the heck idea do you have about romantic relationships? What do you imagine a man should do for you? That is, missing 4 hours by car to go out together are a relevant thing, indeed a piece of stuff, so I imagine you are expecting a man who, to have a coffee with you, takes Sidney-Rome with a stopover in Brussels and then from Brussels on foot to the intercom of his house, right?

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 09/30/21

Well, look, on the one hand these women who have such an immense consideration of themselves also cause me a certain envy, in the past I was very excited by the fact that my husband, as engaged, was constantly doing 100 kilometers per hour. round trip to be with me, but maybe I was wrong, who knows, of course the 17 years together play enough in our favor.

Anyway I laughed enough at that Victory practically wanted to use Graziano to make you jealous Diego and in the end she was screwed up by both one and the other.

Isa’s opinion on the episode of 09/30/21

Lower the claims, He won, lower the demands and enjoy the little things, otherwise you will stay at Men and women, single, up to quasisessantatrèanni.

For the rest:

– it’s hilarious to see the clashes between Armando Incarnato e Graziano because basically the reason they hate each other is that they are the same. Enter me, in there, they aim to do the same thing: they hang out with people, then they pull back, then they try to slip into the triangles, they try to enter into those dynamics of the program that are more discussed (it is no coincidence that both have attended Ida Platano), in short, they fool around to drag it out, concluding nothing with anyone and ensuring their stay in the studio. They hate each other just because they compete but they are two sides of the exact same coin

– as much as it costs me where to ‘defend’ again Armando, I found the criticisms for an appreciation, not vulgar and not harassing, made to Noemi, the suitor of Matteo Fioravanti. The first time I saw it Noemi a Men and women I too, from home, I exclaimed ‘kill that bona‘, there. If that Marika she is so jealous and so insecure, I would say that she was the wrong subject to attend. Then there would be at least other 83983495795 valid reasons not to attend Armando but oh well, here whole universes open up.

Samuele, the suitor she went out with Roberta, is very cute. But then if the antagonist is Luca aòsògeloZomaleidevefailed on route it takes very little to look like a prince charming who arrives on the saddle to the white horse.

Video of the episode: Whole bet – Armando and his appreciations – Alessandro and Pinuccia: knowledge continues – A new knight for Ida – The complicated acquaintances of Diego, Vittoria, Valentina, Graziano … – External by Roberta and Samuele – Roberta and Samuele: a fruitful meeting –


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