Isa Hoes makes revelations about her time as Elfje in The Masked Singer

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Isa Hoes makes revelations about her time as Elfje in The Masked Singer

Although Isa is disappointed with her departure The Masked Singershe saw it coming. “The others all sang very well and had nice songs, so I was afraid of it,” says the actress. Isa is especially sorry that the adventure is over, because it was so nice with the rest. “It’s really a party, a very positive program.”

Singing is a – not so anymore – secret passion of Isa. “I can say a lot about that, just like in acting. Strangely enough, it also does something with my system. I find it really healing to sing. That suddenly sounds very vague, but that’s how it feels.”

During the corona crisis, Isa’s work came to a standstill, she tells presenter Rick Brandsteder. “Then I thought: what do I really like to do? That is singing. And then this came.” On her first day, Isa was immediately told who was in the other suits. At one name, she completely bounced. “I had lunch with that yesterday!” she says. “How nice that he participates.”

Keeping the secret, Isa experienced as ‘very difficult’. “Because you do something so fun, so you want to share it. But that’s not allowed.”

In the end, no jury member correctly guessed that Isa was hiding behind the Elf. Names that came by included Maan and Davina Michelle. Isa was more than happy to receive those compliments. “My heart already skipped a beat. And then Davina Michelle. I thought it was fantastic. That was absurd.”

In passing, Isa also tells us which song she would have sung next time. “I would do ‘Arcade’ from Duncan Laurence after this. I was really looking forward to it,” said the actress.

You can see the performance of the Elfje again below.

The Masked Singer see you every Friday at 20:00 on RTL 4.

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