Is the Pfizer vaccine safe for the fetus: scientists gave an answer

 Is the Pfizer vaccine safe for the fetus: scientists have answered

Scientists have assured pregnant women that the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus is absolutely safe for the fetus.

This is the conclusion of the Israeli Maccabi Health Insurance researchers.

The study, published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics, included 17,000 pregnant women who were vaccinated and 7,000 who were not vaccinated between March and October 2021.

Studied the possibility of preterm birth, birth defects and mortality among infants. According to the scientists, they did not record any difference in these indicators in either of the two groups.

Mortality among infants in both groups was 0.1%; preterm birth – 4.2% of vaccinated mothers and 4.8% of those who did not receive the vaccine.

Birth defects were detected in 1.5% of the vaccinated and 2.1% of the unvaccinated. Hospitalizations among newborns were 5.1% for mothers of mothers from the first group and 5.3% from the second.

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