Is the multiverse real? The scientist gave the answer

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 Is the existence of the multiverse real? The scientist gave the answer

The term “multiverse” long familiar to fans of comics and science fiction films, it was brought to the masses by the latest Marvel films “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness”.

In comic books, the multiverse is interpreted as the possibility of the existence of different versions of our universe at the same time. If you use the right technologies and even magic, then moving between these Universes becomes possible.

However, does such a concept exist in the real world and is it amenable to scientific explanation? Answered by dalphysicist Luke Barnes of the University of Western Sydney, quoted by SciTechDaily.

“Could there be twin planets of our Earth? And can the same people-twins live there? Scientifically, it's possible because we don't know how big our universe really is, — says Barnes.

It is impossible to exclude the possibility that somewhere far away there is the same Earth, because the Universe is so sick that the space that we can see – it's not the limit of all space yet.

“There's a good reason why Marvel movie characters need magic to travel between universes. Because from a scientific point of view, it is very difficult,” — says Barnes.

Even Albert Einstein said that humanity cannot travel through space at a speed that exceeds the speed of light. But science believes that it is possible to do this with the help of wormholes, but people do not know how to create them.

“On the other hand, even if you create a wormhole, it is not certain that it will lead us to another Earth, not to an empty part of space. So, even if the Earth-twin exists, it is very far away”, — says Barnes.

Scientists also note that the basic “building blocks” our Universe is protons, neutrons, electrons, light, etc. With their help, unique things are created.

If they acted differently, then our Universe would be different and there might not be a person at all.

“How So our Universe was able to get just such necessary components? Maybe we just won the space lottery. Perhaps there are other parts of the universe that are made up of other components. Maybe our Universe – is this the most successful option among other universes like it?, ", — asks Barnes.

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