Is the IDF ready for a chemical attack on the Syrians?

Is the IDF ready for a chemical attack on the Syrians?

Officers on Israel's northern border report that ground forces have reduced the training of soldiers in the event of a chemical attack, and this is completely in vain.

According to the officers of the officers There is a chasm between the threat reported by the media and the readiness of the military at this stage. The battalions serving on the northern border do not have sufficient preparedness for this event. On progress in chemical development & ldquo; neighbors & rdquo; soldiers often find out from the media. This is not to mention the special protective equipment.

Messages about the state of combat readiness of the Israeli army flashed even in the Washington Post. However, the IDF rejects such hints, stating that the army is ready to repel attacks of any type and level, exercises and training are taking place according to plans and on schedule. To which the officers of the northern district themselves retort: ​​“ This is not enough. There is a big difference between the exercises planned and conducted by the headquarters and the field exercises of the battalions. No one seriously thinks about it, and it is also not mentioned anywhere & rdquo ;.

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