Is it correct only to download music on the Web without buying it?

Is it correct only to download music on the Web without buying?

In the title, we have already identified an important problem that we would like to discuss & mdash; how and how correct for domestic music lovers. Download new albums of your favorite artists for free or buy them? Opinions in this situation are divided into two diametrically opposed camps. Some people only buy new releases of their favorite musicians. For this they spend on any money, and even the last. They believe that you cannot skimp on the support of your favorite musicians. Other people try never to pay for digital music, even if they have money. Of course, in our century, when there is the Internet and you can constantly listen to new songs online and choose your favorites and those you like for the future, as well as download whole discographies of performers on various torrent trackers on the Web, buying such a digital album will seem like a very stupid idea to many. But it is worth remembering that the performers also need to make money on something. And if they write songs, then certainly on their own work.

Is it correct to only download music on the Web without buying?

If they do not make a profit, then they will not be able to survive, for example, only at concerts. At a time when anyone can go to any site with free music and download a song for free, collecting an entire album or collection there, these are quite difficult times for an artist. Moreover, such sites themselves warn that all songs are posted for informational purposes. You can download music and rate the tracks from the new release, and if you like the song from the new album of the artist you like so much, then feel free to go and buy it on the resource where the official sale of a single or an album takes place on behalf of the musician. By buying music, you pay for the musician's work and, thereby, allow him to record new tracks that will delight you in the future. Do not forget about this and always motivate your favorite music performers financially. This will be another step in the development of society in our country. Pay for the work of the performers – they will reply with new albums.

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