Iryna Bilyk spoke about jealousy

Ирина Билык заговорила о ревности

Iryna Bilyk spoke about jealousy
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The singer discussed it “destructively a status of” her husband.

Iryna Bilyk not long ago Nemcova her fans that her jubilee tour will involve exes, talked to my husband about jealousy. This singer

told on his page on Instagram.

– Yesterday, talking with my husband about jealousy. For me this is a very powerful destructive condition involving self-esteem and ego. A jealous person is in a state of severe emotional stress and have difficulty controlling their actions. And some are just this way to show his consumer attitude to the people and proprietary desire to assign the object of that relationship to himself, – said the singer.

Bilyk accompanied his post with the hashtag #annerino, alluding to the fact that her personally this feeling is unknown. But at the same time asked fans their views on jealousy. Users immediately noted that jealousy arises from insecurity, lack of attention and love. And added that most Bilyk really don’t need to be jealous, as she has all of the above “in excess”.

We will remind as earlier reported “KP in Ukraine”, the singer announced the big anniversary tour-2020. The Ukrainian star will celebrate two dates: his 50 years and 30 years on stage. On the day of his birth, April 6, Iryna Bilyk has scheduled a concert in Kiev Palace “Ukraine”.


Irina Bilyk was intrigued by a post about sex on stage

The singer has thought about, well if a married lady or married man to play the erotic role.

Erotic scenes for the actor – just a job. And they can play as loose in his personal life and married people. This opinion

Instagram was expressed by Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk.

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