Iryna Bilyk reminded of a romantic encounter with Jean-Claude van Damme

Ирина Билык вспомнила о романтической встрече с Жан-Клод Ван Даммом

Iryna Bilyk reminded of a romantic encounter with Jean-Claude van Damme [photo]
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Photo: InstagramIrina Bilyk

Ah, youth!

On the eve of Valentine’s day Irina Bilyk drew on the memories. Of course, romantic. And again in her Instagram fans found a photo with the man. But not with my husband, like last time, and

Jean-Claude Van Damme.

– This meeting will never forget! – posted by Irina Bilyk, eloquent post accompanied by the hashtag #renovasted.

More pop diva did not write anything, but the real fans with hints realized, what about the times sighs Bilyk. And then he remembered the song, the video for which was decorated with a famous actor and karate.

I love him for what next to him warmer summer! Wow! Super song, love it and still listen! – noted in the review audiophiles.

And the truth is, according to the official version of the relationship Bilyk and van Damme was limited to the filming of the clip. He’s Belgian, by the way, reminisced about participating in this project with pleasure.

It was fantastic fun – enthusiastically said the actor. – We were shooting from nine in the evening until three in the morning, I learned to dance and sing.

And what happened with Irina and Jean-Claude in the “unofficial” version, nobody knows for certain until now. But a lot, and not only hints Bilyk unforgettable meeting, indicates that the spark between the stars slipped. Anyway, Olga Gorbachev, “the third in this pair” (in the clip they filmed all three of us – the song was a joint project of the Gorbachev and Bilyk) even two years later, admitted that sometimes they write Bilyk Jean-Claude gentle enough texts, and he answers them.

– After all, we sunk into his soul. As he then loved, loved, loved Ira, I didn’t even allow such thoughts to look at him as a man. Although, believe me, it is a very interesting person – coyly told Gorbachev to “KP in Ukraine”.

And Bilyk didn’t mind the presence of van Damme girls from Krivoy Rog?

– Well, if she did not prevent the presence of Dicesare, what sort of girl – this is the twenty-eighth question, laughing, answered Olga.

Someone from the fans was so inspired by a photo of the stars that left under publikacia some sort of poetry: “What a couple of friends here, van Damme and Irina Bilyk …Yes! Tell us the Ira when the floor? Van Damme and you captured? Photo just Il the novel was between Bilyk and van Damme? And as over damn all Kolyadenko th may, repulsed you so about him?”

2020 generally turns out to Irene and Jean-Claude year round dates – how can you not bump into memories?. The clip “I love it” turns 10 years old: he filmed in 2010. Time flies, and “Brussels muscle” as he was called once van Damme, in 2020 will hit for 60 years! Fans will remember that Irina Bilyk – also a round number, even two. As previously reported by “KP in Ukraine”, Iryna Bilyk has announced the big anniversary tour-2020. The Ukrainian star will celebrate two dates: his 50 years and 30 years on stage.

On the day of his birth, April 6, Iryna Bilyk has scheduled a concert in Kiev Palace “Ukraine”. The actress hinted at a part in the anniversary programme of his “former”, not specifying any names or circumstances. Rumor has it that it will either Dima Kolyadenko, or Dmitry Dikusar, or both. Listen… what if van Damme joining us?

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This meeting will never forget…… #jeanclaudevandamme #ibinabalik #jeanclaudevandamme #irinabilyk #renovasted

Publication of Irina Bilyk (@bilyk_iryna)


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