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 The Iron Joker — has no iron heart

A legal online casino not only replenishes the state budget by transferring taxes. In 2022, the administration of the club launched 2 charity events:

  • «Lapki». Animal shelter «Vidrodzhennya» is raising money to build a new veterinary room. Project cost — 1000000 hryvnia. The virtual club helps the fund by transferring part of the funds spent by players in special missions. Collected together 276 300 UAH. It remains to collect 723,700 hryvnias.
  • “Everything will be People”. The owners of the online club have created a Telegram channel. They publish contacts of volunteers and organizations helping the victims during the hostilities. The Joker himself does not conduct fees in this project. But he talks about heroes who provide support to people in need. Users can find out the details for transferring donations using the chatbot.

Joker online casino administration notes that players can not only participate in missions to participate in charity. The club's website contains links to the shelter's website. Any visitor to the virtual casino can make a donation on their own. Even a modest contribution will help save the lives of many animals.

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