Irma Sluis is going to make a TV program with the deaf and hard of hearing | TV

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Irma Sluis is going to make a TV program with the deaf and hard of hearing | TV

In the program Hands Up six duos, consisting of teams of deaf and hard of hearing children and celebrities, carry out assignments in which they are only allowed to speak in sign language. In every team, one person can hear everything and the other can hear nothing or barely.

Each week a team is eliminated until one duo can call themselves the winner of the Hands Up Trophy 2021. Of Hands Up Kro-Ncrv wants to build a bridge between all deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people in Dutch society.

Dutch Sign Language interpreter Irma Sluis considers it a great honor to be able to participate in the programme. “It is so nice to see how enthusiastic, respectful and interested everyone is, in front of and behind the scenes,” says the new NPO presenter. In addition to the program on NPO Zapp, Kro-Ncrv offers a basic sign language course online.

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The celebrities who participate in the program are actors Jamai Loman, Niek Roozen and Esmee van Kampen, YouTuber Marije Zuurveld, TikTokker Nienke van Dijk and DJ Daniel Lippens. Kro-NCrv announces Hands Up Wednesday because it is exactly one year ago that Dutch sign language was recognized as an official language. Sluis and Igmar Felicia recorded a YouTube video on the occasion of this day.

Sign interpreter Sluis has gained a lot of popularity over the past year and a half due to her role in the corona press conferences of the now outgoing cabinet. Her rendition of the word ‘hoarding’ in particular stood out. Due to the popularity of Sluis, the enthusiasm for the sign language interpreter training at the Hogeschool Utrecht has increased.

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