Irkutsk mobilized in the DPR promised to transfer after a video message to Putin

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 They promised to transfer Irkutsk mobilized to the DPR after a video message to Putin

Mobilized from the Irkutsk region recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to “deal with the lawless and criminal orders of the command.” The appeal was published by the publication “People of Baikal”.

According to the servicemen of the regiment 1439, they were transferred to the subordination of the first Slavic brigade of the self-proclaimed DPR, where, from the mobilized “in one day, assault units” were formed; and sent to storm the Avdiivka fortified area without any support, artillery, communications, sappers and reconnaissance.

“The command directly says that we are all consumables and the only chance to return home– is getting hurt”,– soldiers said. They also reported that commanders from the self-proclaimed DNR were firing machine guns and infantry fighting vehicles at conscripts who refused to go into assault units.

According to the military, the second battalion of the 1439 regiment, which is currently &ldquo ;almost completely destroyed”. The mobilized also reported that their unit was also suffering heavy losses every day, because the command did not know the “real” situation at the front. The military added that since November their regiment had already been replenished six times with mobilized people.

“There is no point in contacting the local military prosecutor's office, since they are completely in collusion with the command of the first Slavic brigade”, – According to the military.

Later, the governor of the Irkutsk region, Igor Kobzev, wrote on his Telegram channel that he had asked the military prosecutor's office for clarification about the situation, and also promised that the mobilized would be transferred to another duty station in the near future .

“Keeping the situation under control”, – added Kobzev.

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