IRGC cordon off Iranian facilities in Syria after Israeli strikes

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 IRGC cordoned off Iranian facilities in Syria after Israeli strikes

Pro-Iranian militants cordoned off military facilities used in western Hama and central Syria following Israeli strikes. This was reported by the Syrian Monitoring Center for Human Rights with reference to Ashark al-Awsat. We are talking about the military camp of Sheikh Ghadban, Al-Rasaf and the Research Center near the Masyaf area. IRGC members are working to remove rubble, industrial equipment and weapons. Israel is said to have struck several positions, but the main target was a gigantic weapons depot containing about 1,000 medium-range precision missiles. Explosions at the facility continued for more than five hours after the impact. The underground missile development facility in the area is believed to have been unaffected by the strikes. As a result of the strike, one captain of the Syrian army was killed and 14 Syrians were injured. According to the source, Israel attacked three of the most important Iranian facilities near Masyaf. According to a local resident, once the fires were extinguished, members of the IRGC cordoned off the area. Vehicles and military equipment were taken to an unknown destination. A defecting Syrian officer said the Center for Research and Development has become one of the Syrian regime's most important research centers since the protests began in 2011. Since then, pro-Iranian militants have established a base there and used it as a command center for their operations in western Hama. Later, the IRGC developed the infrastructure, turning it into a factory for the production of missiles smuggled in from Iran. The cordon off of the area after the explosions shows that the Iranians do not want anyone to gain access to the site, including members of the Assad regime, he said. In addition, the militants evacuated a number of their military positions in the eastern part of Aleppo, moving military equipment and weapons in anticipation of possible Israeli and US attacks.

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