IRGC commander: Netanyahu “will be brought to Iran on a leash and wearing a slave collar”

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 IRGC commander: Netanyahu "will be brought to Iran on a leash and in slave collar

Mojtaba Fada, commander of the IRGC in Isfahan, told the pro-government Bahar News newspaper: “The former prime minister of the Zionist regime hoped that protests in Iran would allow him to come to Mullah-free Tehran, but God willing, the Islamic Republic will quell the protests by taking charge of the country again and send the prime minister to Iran on a leash and wearing a slave collar.

Fada also called for destruction of the Jewish State, calling it a “child-killing regime.”

Banafsheh Zand, an Iranian-American expert on the Islamic Republic, told the Post that “the Khomeinist regime has a habit of threatening world leaders with physical violence and assassination. In other words, anyone who dares to challenge blatant terrorism ends up receiving exactly the same type of threat from the Khomeinist government.”

“In recent weeks, Robert Malley, who himself desperately wanted the leaders Tehran signed the second nuclear deal, broke down and admitted that the regime's threats to kill US government officials were not only unacceptable, but made it impossible to move forward with any deal. I have seen on other occasions that they take hostages from other countries without remorse to use as a bargaining chip in negotiations. Although for the past four plus decades most world leaders and international organizations such as the UN have deliberately turned a blind eye to the criminality of the Islamic regime, it is now becoming more and more inevitable,” — Zand said.

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