Ireland Tightens COVID Restrictions: Curfew and Beyond

Ireland tightens COVID restrictions: curfew and more

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Ireland, following a number of other countries, is tightening quarantine restrictions due to the new Omicron coronavirus strain.

The restrictions are imposed from December 20 to January 30 from the possibility of prolongation.

The government of the country, in particular, decided to introduce a curfew in hotels, cinemas, bars, restaurants and theaters.

Thus, these establishments will stop working at 20: 00. Until that time, it is allowed to hold events in a room with a 50% occupancy.

Among other things, it is allowed to hold events in the open air with a 50% occupancy – up to 5000 people.

The number of people attending weddings should be limited to 100. The event should be limited at midnight.

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