Iranians plotted to kidnap former Israeli consul in Istanbul

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 The Iranians planned to kidnap the former Israeli consul in Istanbul

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The Iranian plot to attack the Israelis has centered on the former Israeli consul general in Istanbul, Yossi Levy-Sfari.

Reported by The Times of Israel citing the Turkish press.

The Iranian attackers were staying at the same hotel as Levi-Sfari and his partner Ronnie Goldberg. The Iranians planned to kidnap and then execute the two men.

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Mossad learned at the last minute that a handful of Iranian agents were staying at the hotel. "Mossad" worked with Turkish authorities to thwart the attack and bring Levy-Sfari and Goldberg back to Israel.

Seven of the eight Iranians arrested in the plot reportedly showed up at the Turkish courthouse on Thursday. According to the press, pistols with silencers were found on the Iranians during their arrest.

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