Iranian schoolgirl beaten to death for refusing to sing pro-government anthem

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 A schoolgirl was beaten to death in Iran for refusing to sing a pro-government anthem

Another schoolgirl has been killed by Iranian security forces after she was beaten in class for refusing to sing a pro-government song.

Reported by The Guardian.

Asra Panahi, 16, died after security forces raided a girls' high school in Ardabil on October 13 and demanded that a group of girls sing a hymn that praises the Supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

When the children refused, the security forces beat them. Several girls were taken to the hospital, while others were arrested. Panahi reportedly died in hospital on Friday from injuries sustained at school.

Iranian officials denied security forces were involved in the girl's death. Her death caused outrage, in connection with which a man appeared on television, introducing himself as “uncle” deceased. He stated that Asra Panahi died of congenital heart disease.

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