Iranian drones may have been specially modified

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 Iranian drones may have been specially modified

Iranian drones may have been modified specifically to strike energy targets.

In January of this year, a Conflict Armament Research (CAR) field team documented the warhead of an Iranian disposable Shahed-131 UAV. It is established that the warhead is arranged so as to give several effects when hitting a target. In addition to the main charge, the striker contains secondary charges to inflict additional damage on the target.

The researchers concluded that such warheads may have been designed specifically for attacks on large targets such as energy infrastructure. What's more, the documented warhead was likely designed to cause as much damage as possible to infrastructure in a wide radius.

Russia is absolutely deliberately trying to destroy Ukraine's energy infrastructure, using the knowledge of its power engineers to plan strikes and modifying the weapon that delivers. And documenting such improvements should play a role in bringing the aggressor to justice.

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