Iranian army storms Mahabad with heavy weapons

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 Iranian army storms Mahabad with heavy weapons

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The Iranian army began to storm the Kurdish Mahabad using heavy weapons, including artillery. This is reported by human rights organizations. The Iranian military began shelling the city and nearby settlements. Kurdish human rights activists and a Sunni cleric critical of the Iranian government said the regime stepped up its crackdown on anti-government protests in the Kurdish region, deploying troops and killing four demonstrators. It happened on Sunday. Several people posted photos and videos online saying that Iranian military vehicles were entering Mahabad. The Hengaw organization said that military helicopters brought members of the IRGC to quell protests in the city. Fire was also opened on the city of Marivan. Prominent Sunni cleric Molavi Abdolhamid called on Iranian security forces to refrain from firing at people in Mahabad. /1594252460344102913?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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