Iran will create a nuclear bomb in the next 2-3 months – Israel

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Iran will create nuclear bomb in the next 2-3 months, & mdash; Israel

Israel is concerned about Iran's nuclear progress.

Israel believes that Iran will be able to create a nuclear bomb in the coming months. The country will be able to produce enough material and build up the capacity to do so. This was announced by Israeli Defense Minister Beni Gantz, reports with reference to the Commander-in-Chief.

The Minister said that diplomatic efforts will not interfere with Iran's nuclear progress.

“Iran should fear that The United States and its partners are serious. Now it is necessary to act with the help of sanctions and political pressure from the United States, Russia, China and Europe, “he stressed.

He is confident that Iran will be able to create a nuclear bomb in two to three months. In addition, he noted that a nuclear arms race could begin in the region if Iran achieves its goal.

Recall, earlier it became known that Iran made concessions on its nuclear program. A successful country will allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to maintain surveillance cameras at its nuclear facilities.

As you know, since May 22 of this year, Iran has deprived the agency of access to data collected by cameras inside nuclear facilities, and threatened to delete video recordings for the last three months.

We add that the new President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, during the official inauguration ceremony, promised that Iran would not try to create nuclear weapons and stressed that the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful.

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