Iran threatens with suicide bombers and missiles in Tel Aviv

Iran threatens suicide bombers and missiles in Tel Aviv

For a long time the Austrian capital has not reported about & ldquo; significant success in negotiations with Iran & rdquo ;. And while Israel and the US are considering options, Iran promises: “Whoever reaches out to strike Iran, we will cut it off.” So says Ali Riza Tanksiri, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards' naval forces.

“ We will attack bases, roads and areas from which we will be attacked, '' added Tanxiri. & ldquo; All equipment and weapons that we use during the maneuvers were produced in Iran during the sanctions. We conducted a combined threat exercise and it was successful. These maneuvers are a signal to the Iranian people that guarantees our ability to defend the country on our own and without help '',

The exercises began with an experiment with an air defense system, which should protect, among other things, nuclear facilities. The air, naval and ground forces have worked out the destruction of targets at short and long range, together with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, capable of hitting stationary and mobile targets. Among other things, a demonstration of a rocket fired from the Natanz area towards Tel Aviv was presented. Iran hopes to strengthen its containment of US and Israeli forces in the region.

According to one of the exercise commanders, an experiment with a drone capable of attacking more than one target at the same time was a highlight in the field of aviation during the exercise. The commander of the Revolutionary Guard, General Hussein Salami, has threatened that “ suicide bombers will become a key part of our defense strategy. In addition, we will be moving from defense to attack with a preemptive strike. Protecting national security and our vital nuclear facilities is based on taking a series of precautions against threats before they act. ” space near Iran, but not only there. Iran has long been developing a military strategy towards the Syrian front.

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