Iran seizes two Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf

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 In the Persian Gulf Iran seized two Greek tankers

Iran seized two Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf shortly after Tehran warned it would take punitive action against Athens for seizing a tanker carrying Iranian oil off the coast of Greece, writes Reuters.

“Today, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard navy detained two Greek tankers in the waters of the Persian Gulf for multiple violations,” Iranian news agency IRNA said. No further details were provided on the nature of the violations.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said an Iranian Navy helicopter landed on the Greek-flagged Delta Poseidon, which was in international waters 22 nautical miles from the Iranian coast, and took hostage the crew, including two Greek citizens. A second Greek tanker, whose name has not been released, was seized in a similar manner.

It should be reminded that the United States confiscated 100,000 tons of Iranian oil, which was being transported on a Russian ship near the Greek island of Evia in the Aegean Sea. The cargo was seized due to violation of Iranian sanctions.

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