Iran says it has arrested 10 people for links to the Mossad

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 Iran says it has arrested 10 people for links to the Mossad

On Monday, October 24, representatives of the Iranian judiciary issued a statement to the press announcing the arrest of 10 people in the province of Western Azerbaijan on charges of “espionage activities”; and “links with Israel's foreign intelligence service Mossad,” writes the Iranian publication Mehr.

According to the Iranian intelligence agencies, the spy suspects were supposed to “identify Iranian security officials fighting Israel in a separate province.” ;. Official sources in Tehran said they allegedly “have evidence that the arrested members of the spy group were in contact with Mossad officers.”

associated with the security forces of the Islamic Republic. These people even tried to physically destroy and kill members of the Iranian security and intelligence forces, but, fortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful.

criminal cases that are being investigated in public and revolutionary courts in Urmia, the capital of the province of Western Azerbaijan.”

According to the lawsuit, four of these people are accused of “committing corruption on Earth.”

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