Iran executes three women in one day for killing their husbands

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 Three women were executed in one day in Iran for killing their husbands< /p>

On Wednesday, Iranian authorities executed three women for killing their husbands. According to the Iranian Human Rights Group, 32 death sentences were carried out in Iran in just the past week.

Among those executed was Soheila Abadi, who was married at the age of 15.
< br /> The court reportedly said at its sentencing that “family disputes” were the motive for the killing.

The number of executions this year has more than doubled compared to last year, according to human rights organizations. .

Data compiled by human rights activists show that more women are executed in Iran than in any other country, with most of them convicted of murdering their husbands.

Activists say that many death row cases involve allegations of domestic violence, but Iranian courts often do not take this into account.

Accurate figures on the number of executions are not available because the Iranian authorities do not officially report every case where a death row execution is carried out sentence.

According to a study published in April by two human rights groups, only 16.5% of the executions believed to have taken place in Iran last year have been officially announced.

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