Iran copied Israeli missiles and installed them on drones – media

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 Iran copied Israeli missiles and installed them on drones - media

The latest Iranian drone capabilities, documented in photos from a recent Iranian drone exercise, were captured by Iranian Fars News and Ukrainian online publication Defense Express. The Ukrainian report claims that Iran copied an Israeli Spike anti-tank missile and installed it on a drone.

In recent years, Iran has increased the capabilities of its drones. Some of Iran's claims about the capabilities of its drones cannot be confirmed, and it is not clear how well these devices really work. On the other hand, it is clear that Iranian drones are increasingly being used in the region by militants and terrorist groups and that Iran exports drones to Africa, South America and Central Asia.

Recent reports even pointed to the possible transfer of Iranian UAVs to Russia.

The Ukrainian report refers to an Iranian Mohajer-6 drone equipped with “anti-tank missiles and guided bombs”.

Iranian demonstration exercises with drones, Almas anti-tank guided missile is visible under the wing of the Israeli Mohajer-6 UAV. The Iranian ATGM with this guided missile was introduced in July 2021. In fact, "Almas" is a copy of the Israeli Spike homing missile with a range of up to 8000 meters.

In general, Iran's goal — to show that their drones have the same capabilities as American, Israeli, Turkish or other armed drones. The installation of anti-tank missiles and long-range bombs on drones would seem to give Iran new capabilities, but it is unclear whether there is evidence that these UAVs really have the characteristics declared by Iran.

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