Iran condemns athlete for participating in competitions abroad without a hijab

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 Iran denounced athlete for participating in competitions abroad without a hijab

Nilufar Mardani, a member of Iran's national skating team for over a decade, received an award at a competition in Istanbul on Sunday, where she performed without a jijab and wore a black outfit with “Iran” written on it, media reports.

“Mardani took part in a skating competition in Turkey without permission”, —

In Turkey, “this athlete was not wearing the equipment approved by the ministry, and since last month she has not been a member of the national team,” says the sports ministry, quoted by the Iranian news agency Fars.


The ministry said that Mardani took part in competitions in Istanbul in her personal capacity, in which the Iranian team did not participate.

Iranian athletes are required to perform in headscarves even in competitions abroad.

In October, Elnaz Rekabi from Iran competed in a rock climbing competition in Seoul, also without a hijab, which caused a sensation. Upon her return to Iran, she apologized and said that the hijab fell off by accident. But others suggested that her gesture was deliberate.

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