Iran claims arrested Mossad agents were Kurdish rebels

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 Iran claims arrested Mossad agents were Kurdish rebels

Iran's intelligence ministry said on Wednesday that agents linked to the Israeli Mossad who were arrested last week were also members of a banned Kurdish rebel group that planned to attack a “secret defense center.”

The Iranian ministry did not specify how many suspects were arrested, nor did it specify the specific targets of the alleged plots against “secret facilities”, but claimed that “spies” entered Iran from neighboring Iraq Kurdistan.

On Wednesday, the intelligence ministry issued a new statement that “elements of the task force are members of the terrorist and mercenary group Komala.”

Komala — a Marxist group advocating autonomy for the Kurdish-populated regions of northern Iran, banned after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. allegedly confiscated from the detainees.

They showed square-shaped pieces of furniture with “bombs” hidden inside, pistols with silencers and bullets, SD cards hidden in the caps of perfume bottles, oxygen tanks, laptops, mobile phones and cash.

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