iPhone 4 led the TOP 100 gadgets of the decade

iPhone 4 очолив ТОП 100 гаджетів десятиліття

iPhone 4
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The Verge has compiled a list of the 100 gadgets that, in the opinion of the editorial Board, has identified the 2010-ies. First place went to the iPhone 4 – the smartphone that Apple released in 2010. The leader of the list is the only position about which the journalists argued with each other.

According to editor-in-chief NLA Patel, the iPhone 4 was the “most beautiful smartphone ever built” and still remains “base template for modern smartphones.

iPhone 4 was the first phone made in the form of a “sandwich” of glass panels and metal frames. This design legacy, which still can be seen in flagship smartphones. In addition, the first iPhone 4 got a Retina display and selfie camera. Rear and megapixel camera has set the standard of quality, which raced for years.

iPhone 4 очолив ТОП 100 гаджетів десятиліття

The operating system gave the ability to run background applications and was first named “iOS”. First developed by Apple A4 microprocessor marked the beginning of ten years of dominance in this sphere, – said the chief editor of the Verge Nilai Patel.

TOP 10 gadgets of the decade, according to the Verge

  1. iPhone 4 (2010)
  2. “Smart” column Amazon Echo (2014)
  3. Macbook Air (2013)
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)
  5. Tesla Model S (2012)
  6. AirPods (2016)
  7. Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)
  8. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (2014)
  9. PlayStation 4 (2013)
  10. Google Pixel 2 (2017).

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