iPhone 13 Pro Max – first impressions

iPhone 13 Pro Max & mdash; first impressions

Only those who have spent recent months away from social networks and news do not know about the release of the fresh iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Sierra Blue. In the first days of sales, kilometers-long queues were traditionally lined up for the novelty, but now the hype around the smartphone has subsided. And now is the time to soberly evaluate all the pros and cons of the device, as the experts of the Stylus online store talk about in the article.

iPhone 13 Pro Max & mdash; first impressions

Opening the box

After unpacking the package with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Sierra Blue, we see here only the phone itself, the charging cable, a metal clip and a branded sticker of the brand. The developer did not put any adapters or headsets inside.

Let's take a look at the cameras

The lens module on iPhone 13 Pro Max retains the stepped structure and is now wider and thicker. Due to the increased size of the case, the overall concept looks proportional. But note that this, without exaggeration, a huge device is not suitable for all fans of portable electronics. This format will be most deservingly appreciated by true enthusiasts.

What about the shooting itself? The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a cool mode for recording cinema-quality videos. Shooting videos at 4K 60 FPS has not disappeared anywhere. Lenses now distinguish objects even more clearly in semi-darkness. Not without optical stabilization and advanced macro photography. And for those who like to “ play '' 15x zoom is available with lenses.

Checking out the new screen

In the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the developer has installed a capacious 6.7-inch display with a top-end OLED matrix. The number of graphics cores has increased here, which has helped to expand the productivity of the device in this direction. Finally, the smartphone was “ delivered '' frequency sweep at 120 Hz with support for automatic parameter adjustment. If you read text on such a screen, the frequency will automatically drop to low values. As you watch the movie, get a very smooth frame rate. And in dynamic games, the screen accelerates to the maximum.

iPhone 13 Pro Max & mdash; first impressions

How things stand with autonomy

A significant difference between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and last year's flagship & mdash; not sickly increase in autonomy for 2.5 hours. Now the hardware stuffing of the smartphone more economically “ devours '' battery power. After all, the developer has worked hard to improve the energy efficiency of the cores of the A15 Bionic chipset. The same automatic adjustment of the display frequency plays a significant role.

A few words about the minuses

Subjectively, the disadvantage of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the preserved Lightning connector. While users have long been demanding the transition to the Type-C connector. The second point & mdash; 4K Dolby Vision video recording. In this format, even videos of modest timing take up gigabytes of memory. And sending such data sets to a laptop or PC takes time. If you want to fully appreciate the brand new cinema mode, we strongly recommend taking a gadget with a drive of 256 GB or more.

Is it worth buying an iPhone 13 Pro Max?

So we come to the most important question … Immediately after the presentation of the smartphone, it seemed that nothing had changed. But now, having personally got acquainted with the new product, we can call the above upgrades quite significant. The transition to the current flagship is especially relevant for owners of outdated iPhones 10-11 series.

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