Investigation: MAGAV employee beat a Muslim woman

Investigation: MAGAV employee beat a Muslim woman

MAHASH brought charges against 22-year-old MAGAV employee Orian Ben Khalifa.

About two months ago, while serving at the Lion's Gate, Ben Khalifa, as follows from lawsuit, attacked a young Muslim woman, tore off her hijab, pulled her hair and strangled her. At the time of the incident, the passage, guarded, including by Ben Khalifa, was closed. A young Muslim woman and her brother asked the military to let them in. In response, Ben Khalifa pushed the girl, and then pushed her again, Channel 13 reports.

After that, the girl's brother decided to intervene. However, an employee of Ben Khalifa grabbed him by the shirt, as evidenced by a photo fact. A young Muslim woman tried to intercede for her brother. Ben Khalifa, tore off the girl's hijab, threw her to the ground, after which she pulled the Muslim woman by the hair and hit her in the ear.

This did not end there. Ben Khalifa dragged a handcuffed Muslim woman to the police station, holding her by the hair and by the neck, after which the applicant left marks on her neck.

In the report on the incident, Orian Ben Khalifa wrote that it was a Muslim woman who attacked her and denies the fact of the incident. And Ben Khalifa's mother generally said that “ the police believe more what the minority girl says, and not the one who gives her life in the service. ''

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