Investigation: General Surovikin made money on the war in Syria

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 Investigation: General Surovikin made money on the war in Syria

The Anti-Corruption Foundation, which is overseen by associates of Alexei Navalny, has published an investigation into the commander of the Russian grouping in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin.

“General Armageddon”, as he is called in Russian propaganda, thanks to complex schemes, has already earned hundreds of millions of rubles in the war in Syria and bought himself elite housing with this money. Now all the property of his family is simply classified,” the description of the investigation reads. > Investigators studied the accounts of Surovikin's wife's company and found out that her business received large sums
from Timchenko and the wife of one of his top managers. In particular, we are talking about loans in the amount of 129 million rubles.

The authors of the investigation conclude that this money cannot be explained by business logic and “more like bribes”.

It is indicated that this company produces phosphates in Syria, where Surovikin commanded Russian troops. Navalny's associates conclude that the general “got rich” by protecting Timchenko's business interests.

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