“Invaders themselves”: Ben and Jerry's caught in hypocrisy

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 "Occupiers themselves": Ben and Jerry’s caught in hypocrisy

More than 1,000 Israeli university students called on Ben and Jerry’s to vacate the Vermont area, where the company's headquarters and main plant are located. They wrote about this in a letter to the head of a large ice cream manufacturer who refused to sell their products in Judea and Samaria. According to the students, the land on which the corporation operates in Vermont is territory owned by the Abenaki Indian tribes. “This land, like many other territories in Vermont, was taken from the native tribes during its earliest conquest by the French and British colonizers and then by the American military. The Abenaki lived in these lands continuously for thousands of years before the invasion of foreign white traders and settlers. The European colonizers and the Americans deliberately exterminated the Abenaki through wars and the spread of diseases such as smallpox, typhoid and influenza,” the students said. They concluded that the company's occupation of Abenaki land was illegal. "We believe this is completely inconsistent with the stated values ​​that Ben & Jerry's is determined to support. Ironically, last July you announced that you would stop selling your products in Israel because you objected to the Jewish state's alleged occupation of the Palestinian territories. But at the same time, you are ignoring your own occupation of the land belonging to the Abenaki,” the students added.

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