Introduced a new SIM card standard that will save on everything

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 A new SIM card standard has been introduced that will save on everything

Qualcomm and Thales decided to launch a new SIM card standard in the world, which they called iSIM.

The project was deployed based on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC.

“We are pleased to see that our investment in highly secure processor hardware security, in collaboration with Thales, has reached the level of security and functionality required by the GSMA for the UICC Remote Provisioning use case,” said the creators.
< br /> They hope that the tamper-proof element embedded in the host processor will be able to provide innovative use cases in many markets and product segments.

GSMA (Global Mobile Industry Association) security certification ) guarantees that iSIM maintains the same high standards of cyber security and flexible “anytime, anywhere” connectivity.

may offer additional features to save space and reduce costs while maintaining best-in-class security.

They save space inside the device, even compared to eSIM. According to Kaleido Intelligence analysts, by 2027 the share of iSIM will grow to 300 million units.

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