Intrigues of the British court: became aware of the split in the Royal family

Интриги британского двора: стало известно о расколе в королевской семье

Prince William was not happy with the choice his brother, and between Megan and Kate, a quarrel occurred

Despite the plans of two families to celebrate Christmas in the circle of unity, the press reported new details about the differences between Cambridge and Sasaxle.

Интриги британского двора: стало известно о расколе в королевской семье

According to Daily Mail, Prince William really not sure that his brother Harry made the right choice in marrying Meghan Markle. He believed that their relationship developed too fast, which had generated a lot of doubts. William believes that Harry needed more time to decide his feelings for the woman. He raised this issue by sharing your thoughts with the Queen and the brother. Prince Harry was very angry, hearing this from my brother due to which their relationship deteriorated.

Despite this, their father, Prince Charles, persuaded William to invite her brother’s family last Christmas in the estate Anmer Hall. Charles insisted on it, because sympathetic Markle. However, instead of reconciliation, the quarrel deepened. Since Kate has long been considered part of the Royal family and knows all her rules, she started to teach Megan to the rules of Royal etiquette, but teaching from Middleton she perceived to be rude. In response to “the teachings”, Megan started to answer angrily, what new quarrel broke out between the two duchesses.

At the time of the confrontation, Harry, of course, sided with his wife, and Prince William — to the side of his. At the same time, Kate was then pregnant with son Louis, and she shouldn’t be nervous in her position.

Интриги британского двора: стало известно о расколе в королевской семье

Later, before the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan between her and Middleton again, a quarrel broke out, causing Kate to cry. After that Megan decided to insult one of the assistants, Kate. Then Middleton has threatened the daughter that such behavior towards its staff unacceptable.

“Fuel to the fire” poured a famous TV presenter piers Morgan live on “Good morning Britain”. He said that Meghan Markle was a social climber, who climbs up the social ladder with the help of his acting skills. Pierce spoke about his friendship with Megan about how they communicated one and a half years, and then, after she met Harry, she literally started to ignore the presenter. They last met in 2016 in one of the bars when she went on her first date “blindly” with Prince Harry, which gave her a mutual friend. In connection with this Pier, memories of Megan are not very pleasant.

He noted that the present Duchess of Sussex “grabbed the chance” and made his way upstairs, forgetting about his old friends, and his Royal life, she now turns in the show.

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