Intimate life after childbirth: when to start?

Even if the woman is ready to jump into the arms of the beloved immediately after returning from the hospital, it is not necessary to do this.

Інтимне життя після пологів: коли можна починати?

Not accidentally, the gynecologists call a specific time when you can begin your intimate life after childbirth. To the fortieth day after childbirth should end lochia. Once bleeding stops, you can think about the physical side of marriage.

A woman’s body is unique, so when you can resume sexual intercourse in advance to say. On average, in order to avoid tearing, bleeding, inflammation and infection, enjoy each other you using 6 or even 8 weeks from the date of delivery. Up to this point cleaning the bleeding has to stop. If after sex selection appeared again, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist.

It is important that we are talking about safe childbirth, when the uterus and vagina quickly recovered and was not injured. In the presence of discontinuities need to wait for the complete healing of stitches.

The peculiarity of this period is that the possible negative reaction of women:

  • dryness of the vaginal walls;
  • severe pain;
  • discomfort.

In the first case we are talking about the lack of production of estrogen, which provides sexual arousal. Gradually, the body will return to normal condition, and while it is necessary to use a variety of intimate means. Gel-lubricant during the postpartum period can be a great solution to the problem will help the couple to restore the old relationship.

With regard to pain and discomfort that complaints need to go to the doctor. Perhaps not to worry: just need a little more time to wait. If after childbirth a few months passed, and the proximity still causes pain, you need a diagnosis. Perhaps we are talking about vaginitis.

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