Interpol launches its own police metaverse

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 Interpol Launches Its Own Police Metaverse

Interpol has launched what it calls “the first global police metaverse tailor-made for law enforcement around the world,” writes Bloomberg.

The goal of the project will vary from training courses to law enforcement agencies around the world, to tour the virtual headquarters of the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon, France, and interact with other officers through their avatars.

Interpol is an international organization whose main task is to unite the efforts of national law enforcement agencies of the participating countries in the field of combating criminal crime in the international field.

Interpol also announced the creation of an expert group on the metaverse, which will represent the interests of the rights security agencies on the global stage. Interpol says “social engineering scams, violent extremism and disinformation could be particular problems” in the metaverse.

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