Internet users made fun of the “March of millions” Saakashvili

Social media exploded today, replicas, pictures, demotivators on the topic “March of the indignant”, which was held in Kiev. According to preliminary data, on “the million” protest brought together about 400 people, although Saakashvili himself, announced earlier this rally, thinks otherwise.

As the “observer”, the users have left many comments in social networks, which suggest that millions could stop the power that “turned on the snow” to ruin today’s event.

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Some users post pictures of the rally, showing off his strength for a few minutes before “the gathering”. Others commented that the average person might not notice many of the protesters, because they were invisible to the human eye range of electromagnetic waves, alluding to the fact that the alleged numerous support Saakashvili is a fake.

It is known that “the majestic” procession ended at 14:10, going to the planned protest action under the Verkhovna Rada. However, Saakashvili did not give up and to promise to repeat the March every Sunday.

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