Internet in Israel is the best in the world in terms of price-quality ratio – report

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 Internet in Israel is the best in the world in terms of price-quality ratio – report

The Global Internet Value Index, published by Surfshark, a provider of privacy tools, showed that Israel has the best internet in the world in terms of value for money. The index is calculated by dividing each country's internet speed by internet availability to determine which countries are overpaying for their internet.

The Israeli internet index scored 0.663, 9 times higher than the global average. This means that Israelis get their internet at a fairer price compared to other countries. Singapore, Denmark, France and Australia are among the top five in the world.

In Western Asia, Israel not only ranks first, but its index is nine times higher than the regional average. Israel also leads in Asia, followed by Singapore and South Korea.

In Europe, 78% of citizens use the internet at fair rates. Denmark ranks first on the continent with an index almost four times higher than the average, followed by France. In North America, 70% of people can connect to the Internet at fair prices, with the US offering better value for its Internet than Canada.

A total of 61% of people in world are overpaying for their Internet connections. The countries with the least accessible internet are mostly located in Africa – Yemen, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon and Mozambique. Regionally, Oceania provides the most affordable internet, with New Zealand at 25th and Australia at 5th.

The index was created by ranking 117 countries and territories based on an internet cost broadband and mobile Internet accessibility.

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