International scandal: France recalls ambassadors from the USA and Australia

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International scandal: France withdraws ambassadors from the United States and Australia

What is known about the international scandal.

Australia has adopted an agreement with the United States and Great Britain, which provides for the construction of nuclear submarines. In 2016, the Australians agreed on an agreement with France for the construction of submarines. The new pact thwarted this multibillion-dollar deal, reports with reference to

That the United States, Britain and Australia have accepted the Aukus agreement on a trilateral security partnership aimed at countering China, France I found out only a few hours before the information was released.

This agreement, in particular, provides that teams from the three countries will draw up a joint plan for the next 18 months for the creation of a new Australian nuclear powered submarine fleet to be built in Adelaide.

In 2016, Australia has already agreed on agreements with France on the construction of 12 conventional submarines. As of 2016, this deal was estimated at $ 37 billion, however, now the amount could grow to 66 billion, writes AP.

Australia's new agreement thwarted these agreements. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian condemned the decision, calling it & nbsp; “two-faced and dismissive” .

However, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the agreement with France does not correspond to the strategic interests of his country, and France had every reason to know about it.

“Of course, this caused great disappointment in the French government, so I understand them. But at the same time, Australia, like any sovereign state, must always make decisions that are in line with our national defense interests “, ㅡ Morrison said.

Earlier this year, the Australian media have already started talk about the possible collapse of the project with France. And in June, Australian defense officials told the Senate that they are doing “smart” contingency planning.

However, French Ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Thébaud claims that France has not received a single warning about the breakdown of the agreements. He stated that this decision was “stabbed in the back.”

Le Drian announced the recall of the US and Australian ambassadors “to reassess the situation.”

“The fact that for the first time in the history of US-French relations we recall our ambassador for consultation , which shows the scale of the crisis that exists now between our countries “, & nbsp; ㅡ he said.

Le Drian also noted that they will not recall the ambassador from Great Britain, because they do not see the need for this. According to the prime minister, in this situation Great Britain resembles a “third wheel”.

More about Aukus

The initiative, called Aukus, was jointly announced by US President Joe Biden and British and Australian Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison. It concerns the tripartite security partnership.

So, thanks to these agreements, Australia will become the seventh country in the world where submarines will be equipped with nuclear reactors. However, Australia has no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons or creating its own.

None of the three leaders mentioned China. But, according to The Guardian, there is no doubt that this initiative is a response to China's aggressive efforts in the South China Sea and militancy towards Taiwan. The PRC, in turn, has already condemned Aukus, calling this agreement “irresponsible” and “flawed.” Nuclear power will now allow Australian attack submarines to remain at sea for up to five months and operate quieter than current Collins-class diesel vessels. This will make it possible to better evade detection by the enemy.

In May, Australia, for which China is the largest trading partner, wanted to terminate the agreement on China's 99-year lease of one of its ports – also within the framework of the law allowing interstate agreements for reasons of national security.

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