Interior Ministry employees issued Israeli passports to Russian citizens in violation of the law

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 Interior Ministry employees issued Israeli passports to Russian citizens in violation of the law

Israel Police have arrested five suspects, including three employees of the Population and Immigration Authority, on suspicion of issuing permanent Israeli passports to Russian citizens in order to allow them free movement around the world.

The arrests were made on the morning of December 19th by investigators from the Tel Aviv District Police's Anti-Fraud Department.

The complaint against the suspects was filed by the Office of Population and Immigration at the end of August, after an internal audit revealed the phenomenon of canceling numerous queues for the issuance of biometric documents – in a period of acute crisis with the possibility of obtaining such queues at the offices of the office.

Throughout the investigation, Fraud Investigators were in contact with the Office of Population and Immigration, which assisted the police in all necessary cases.

In the course of a secret investigation, it turned out that two “intermediaries” (43 years old from Herzliya, and 42 years old from Shoresh) applied to employees of various departments across the country with a request to issue Israeli passports to Russian citizens, and in violation of procedural rules.

According to suspicions, these Russian citizens had the right only for temporary passports or transit documents, while in order to obtain a permanent passport they had to reside within the borders of the State of Israel. In practice, the recipients of the passports came for only a few days and with no intention of living in Israel.

country, not using a Russian passport, but using an Israeli passport.

This morning, after the arrest of two “intermediaries” and three workers of the population administration – from Modiin, 48 Gedera and Jerusalem, the investigation moved into the open stage. At the end of the investigation, the suspects will be taken to the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court. The next wave of arrests is expected tomorrow.

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