Intention to Build a Mosque, Amanda Manopo Finally Confirms About Her Religion Bun

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Intention to Build a Mosque, Amanda Manopo Finally Confirms About Her Religion Bun


Amanda Manopo’s personal life has always attracted the attention of her fans. No exception facts about the religion adopted by soap opera stars Love Bond that, Mother. Especially when Amanda Manopo intended to build a mosque recently.

Moreover, now he is at the peak of popularity, so many are paying attention and exploring his personal matters, Mother. One of the things that is often discussed about the actress who was born in Jakarta on December 6, 1999 is religion. The issue of converting the beautiful artist Amanda Manopo some time ago had been intense on social media.

Many speculated he had converted. The rumor strengthened after netizens were shocked several times by Amanda Monopo’s uploads on her Instagram. Coupled with several things that have been done by Amanda Manopo so far, Mother.

Among them, memorizing prayers before eating, posting herself wearing a hijab and wearing a mukena, and finally quoting verses from the Koran.

“QS. Al-Ma’arij:5,” he wrote via the @amandamanopo account on Instagram.

However, the news of converts was dismissed by Amanda Manopo, Mother. He admitted that he only respects Islam in addition to his religion. Then, recently, Amanda Manopo expressed his desire to build a mosque.

Photo posted by Amanda Manopo who wants to build a mosque. / Photo: Doc. Instagram @amandamanopo.

He had announced this through social media uploads. This again makes the public often ask about what exactly Amanda’s religion is. However, on one occasion Amanda explained about the teachings of her parents that were instilled in her since childhood.

Arya Saloka’s co-star admits that he has always been taught to assume that everyone has the same degree. It turned out that Amanda had received this teaching from her parents for a long time, Mother.

“I have always been taught by my parents and myself to humanize humans, we are all equal,” said Amanda in the West Jakarta area recently.

What is the reason Amanda Manopo wants to build a mosque? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

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