Instigator to harm Arabs will be sent to prison

 Instigator to harm Arabs will be sent to prison

The Central District Court upheld an appeal by the prosecution that aggravated the sentence of 37-year-old Zohar Zoharets from Petah Tikva, who is currently serving a nine-month prison term on charges of incitement to violence and racism, intentional infliction of harm and insulting religious feelings.

Zoaretz was convicted after he published racist posts in 2013-2017, including calls for racist violence and racist graffiti on a bus.

For this reason, the Magistrate's Court sentenced him to community service, which, after an appeal by the prosecutor's office, was changed to actual imprisonment.

According to the amended indictment filed by lawyer Roy Rice, during the from 2017 to 2013, against the backdrop of times personal incidents that were characterized by an explosive public atmosphere, Zoaretz published numerous posts on his Facebook account, including incitement against Arabs, as well as calls for violence against them.

He also published calls for acts of violence in against the security forces, as well as words of praise and support for such acts, although he was interrogated and even arrested several times for these publications.

NIS 2,000.

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