Instead of wizards piggy bank. Rowling published a book inspired by her son’s stuffed animal

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Instead of wizards piggy bank. Rowling published a book inspired by her son’s stuffed animal

A new children’s book by British writer Joanne Rowling, author of stories about the witch apprentice Harry Potter, was published in more than twenty languages ​​on Tuesday. The title The Christmas Pig is inspired by the author’s son’s plush pig, which was his favorite toy.

The protagonist of the story, eight-year-old Jack, embarks on a rescue mission on Christmas Eve to save his lost plush friend, who finds himself in the clutches of a toy destroyer. The leading British media published reviews today, but they are far from disagreeing with the book. The Czech translation will be published on Thursday, its author is Petr Eliáš.

“Stories about animated toys are as old as The Nutcracker and can be as clever as Toy Story. (…) But Rowling takes traditional concepts much further,” Evening writes. Standard. Until the end of the 12th chapter, according to the author of the review, it is a pleasant simple reading that can be easily mastered even by smaller children. But then comes the stylistic and plot break, surrealist allegories, dark moments and heartbreaking decisions appear. Rowling is described in the review as a “master of suspense” and her Christmas pig as the best book by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The Times asks what’s going on with all the little things we’re losing. “What about lost character traits? Happiness, ambition, hope, optimism, power? Where do they live when they leave us? Rowling offers the answer in her wonderful brand new story, which begins with a family drama (…) and ends with a conclusion that (Danish philosopher Sören) Kierkegaard and his existentialist friends were proud, “writes the reviewer The Times. It also highlights Rowling’s ability to incorporate more difficult topics and recycling issues into the story.

On the contrary, it is the characters of animated plastic straws that The New York Times criticizes: “The ecological message sometimes pulls the story down”. On the contrary, the personifications of happiness, hope and ambition are praised.

Rowling said in an interview before the book was published that the story had much in common with her own family. When her son David was little, he had a favorite stuffed animal. Fearing how the child would react to his possible loss, she bought the toy once more and hid it. One day, however, her son found her and it inspired the writer to write a story about her own substitutes. The hero of the Christmas story is from a single-parent family, a theme that appears in the author’s stories very often, the media recalls.

Rowling published the first book about the witch apprentice Harry Potter in 1997, which suddenly ranked it among the world’s most widely read authors. She has recently faced criticism from some of her fans, who accused her of hating transgender people based on her remarks about menstruation.

The book will be published in the form of a screenplay, it is a special edition, says the translator of the new Harry Potter work, Petr Eliáš, and adds that the translation lasted a week. | Video: Filip Horký


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