Instead of Poland: Holocaust study tours to be held in Israel

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 Instead of Poland: Holocaust study tours to be held in Israel< /p>

The Ministry of Education has announced that starting from November 20, educational seminars and excursions entitled “The Holocaust and the Resurgence —” will begin in schools. from disaster to prosperity. The task of these events — perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust and tell about the formation of the State of Israel. The activities will last for several days across the country, including visits to institutions whose purpose is to preserve and transmit the memory of the Holocaust, as well as businesses created by Holocaust survivors. In addition, walking trails will follow in the footsteps of the fighters and will focus on the theme of martial heritage (Moreshet Krav). During the tours, students will meet Holocaust survivors who share their personal and family stories, and prominent Founding Generation figures who share stories of their contributions and those of their comrades-in-arms to the creation of the State of Israel. The events are intended for 12th grade students and are an integral part of the processes of forming the Jewish identity of students, strengthening their sense of commitment and responsibility for the future of the country and the Jewish people. Minister of Education, Dr. Yifat Shasha-Biton: "The Holocaust and Revival Initiative— From Disaster to Prosperity, which we initiated last year, is designed to engage as many schoolchildren as possible as part of our duty as a nation to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. These journeys are significant in that they include encounters with Holocaust survivors living among us, whose poignant story bears witness to the journey from disaster to prosperity. We continue to make efforts, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to reach an understanding with the Polish government, while ensuring that the content of trips to Poland accurately represents the historical truth, and the safety of schoolchildren during excursions is guaranteed.” Director General of the Ministry of Education, Dalit Stauber: “The education system is responsible for ensuring that the next generation remembers and does not forget the most tragic chapter in the history of the Jewish people and the darkest in the history of mankind. Introducing students to the memory of the Holocaust, heroism and rebirth gives them considerable food for thought and leaves a powerful imprint in their memory, the ideals and values ​​of which will accompany them on the path of life. Recall that before the start of the current academic year, the Ministry of Education had to freeze school trips to Poland, since agreements had not yet been reached with the Polish government on significant issues for their resumption, namely: the content of trips and the safety of students. Press Service of the Ministry of Education

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