Instant coffee promotes obesity and impotence

Растворимый кофе способствует ожирению и импотенции

Doctors told what drinks men should avoid in order to maintain men’s health

Doctors from the UK spoke about the fact that addiction to instant coffee can affect male sexual health.

Instant coffee is not really useful drink for men, and all because it contained hormones that can weaken the potency.

Растворимый кофе способствует ожирению и импотенции

According to doctors from Cambridge, hormones have on the male body action similar to the effect of “female” hormone estrogen.

“Men who drink too much coffee, a risk to get a stomach and almost feminine Breasts, and also face problems in erection”, — said the therapists.

Растворимый кофе способствует ожирению и импотенции

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However, the amount of coffee that can cause problems with men’s health quite large — five cups in day. According to experts, instead it is better to drink one or two cups of beverage a day strictly ground and brewed. In this case, sexual function, on the contrary, may strengthen, experts say.

It is noteworthy that the effect of the abuse of instant coffee for men scientists compared the too frequent consumption of beer. Both drinks appeared to contribute to obesity male figures on the female type.

As reported, a natural disaster could hit hard on the men. The results of global warming to all life can be incorrigible.

Climate change has already adversely affected the fertility of certain animal species, found a group of researchers from the University of East Anglia.

British scientists led by Professor Matt gage held a series of experiments that showed that high temperature adversely affects the fertility of males, may lead to a reduction in the amount of produced sperm, and the sperm die before fertilization.

Растворимый кофе способствует ожирению и импотенции

Biologists have studied the phenomenon of male infertility in the period of high temperatures to the connection to find out the mechanism of the effect of excessive heat on the population of the species, including their disappearance.

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