Instagram tells all: how to know the character of a person by the pictures

Instagram расскажет все: как узнать характер человека по снимкам

Scientists from the Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea found that the choice of filters in Instagram can tell about a person’s character

The aim of the study was to study the relationship between identity and color features of photos. Scientists have suggested that people with certain peculiarities of the psyche will have similar style pictures in social networks. Employees of the University analyzed 25 thousand photos and life satisfaction, degree of loneliness, narcissism, the attitude to social networks of their authors — 179 volunteers.

Instagram расскажет все: как узнать характер человека по снимкам

It turned out that users who are not in a relationship or feel lonely, less prone to bright colors. The diversity of the palette more suited to extroverts than introverts. They, like people, are prone to narcissism, the filters and the pictures.

Instagram расскажет все: как узнать характер человека по снимкам

The gender of the user also affects the beauty of the images it puts in social networks: women choose images with more varied colors.

We have previously reported that this year, the developers of Instagram introduced a feature that every social network user could download an archive of their data. Starting from information from your own profile comments and photo/video content. This feature allows you to make a backup copy of obliquity in case of force majeure.

However, according to the report of The Information resource, through unauthorized access can reveal user passwords. Probably when someone “makes a copy”, the password is sent, oblicovka text in the URL. Which means anyone can discover it. Instagram says that it affected only some users. In addition, it can be assumed that people who used one computer for this function in the future could “obtain” the password to oblitsevat social networks.

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