Indian Air Force rescues Israeli citizen in the mountains

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 Indian Air Force rescued an Israeli citizen in the mountains

The Indian Air Force rescued an Israeli citizen suffering from altitude sickness.

According to the Hindustan Times, a helicopter team received an evacuation call from the Nimaling high mountain camp near the Markha Valley.

“Noam Gil, an Israeli citizen, suffered from acute mountain sickness and had difficulty breathing in the highlands. His oxygen level dropped to 68%,” the report said.

Due to the severity situation, the man had to be rescued. Rescuers reached their destination in 45 minutes, despite the turbulence and strong wind. At the same time, the Israeli was descending, and after a continuous 30-minute search, he was spotted in a river gorge at the bottom of the valley.

After a tense and difficult operation, the Israeli citizen was reportedly evacuated and taken to the city of Leh .

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